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Health Retreats & Hotels in Portugal

Portugal is home to a number of wellness and health retreats, making it an ideal destination for anyone wanting to enjoy a holiday where the mind, body and spirit are also looked after. Whether you’re interested in history or you simply want to soak up the culture of a colourful country, a stay at a wellness retreat in Portugal shouldn’t be missed. At In This Life Wellness Travel, we’ve carefully selected all the best wellness and health retreats in Portugal, making it easier than ever to find your next wellness destination.

What to Expect at a Wellness Retreat in Portugal

Portugal health retreats and resorts usually offer guests a variety of relaxing therapies and activities, such as Yoga, Thalasso Therapy (Thalassa) and Massage. These are offered to relax the mind, harmonise the body and ensure you return to your normal life feeling more relaxed and well centred.

Thalasso Therapy Resorts

A stay at a retreat or resort that offers Thalasso Therapy (Thalassa) can help to detoxify the body and relieve a range of skin conditions. The treatment involves the use of seawater, seaweed and other marine products that are rich in trace elements. These are absorbed through the skin in order to provide a boost to beauty, health and overall wellbeing.

Yoga Wellness Retreats in Portugal

A stay at a Yoga wellness retreat in Portugal is ideal for those wanting to improve their emotional stability and clarity of mind. Using ancient physical, mental and spiritual practices, Yoga helps to achieve harmony between the body, mind and spirit. It also boasts a number of health benefits, including a reduction in stress, better sleep, and increased flexibility.

Find Your Ideal Destination for Relaxation

In This Life Wellness Travel can help you find the best health retreats Portugal has to offer. Get started today – simply input your requirements and use our handy search function to find your ultimate destination for relaxation.

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