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Wellness & Health Retreats in Sri Lanka

With its beautiful beaches and stunning hinterland, Sri Lanka is a country that has something for everyone. A fashionable destination that’s at the top of many travel wish lists, the country boasts beautiful scenery, a rich heritage, and a multitude of things to see and do. And for those looking to enjoy some downtime at a wellness retreat in Sri Lanka, there’s certainly no shortage of excellent options on offer, ranging from yoga retreats and wellness hotels through to health spas. Fortunately, In This Life Wellness Travel is here to help you find the best wellness destinations in Sri Lanka that uplift the senses and inspire the mind.

What to Expect at a Sri Lankan Wellness Retreat

Wellness and health retreats in Sri Lanka often provide a wide range of activities and therapies for guests to enjoy, ranging from yoga and meditation through to massage and Ayurveda. Many retreats, resorts, hotels and spas also employ eco and sustainable practices, such as growing their own food, supporting local farmers and businesses, and ensuring maximum energy efficiency. Tea is particularly popular in Sri Lanka, with many wellness retreats having their own tea farms. In addition, the majority of retreats place a focus on healthy eating and organic food to nourish the body.

Yoga Wellness Hotels

Staying at one of the many yoga wellness retreats in Sri Lanka can help you to harmonise your body, mind and spirit, with benefits of yoga ranging from increased flexibility through to reduced stress. This low-impact activity involves physical, mental and spiritual practices that work to bring about a range of benefits and increase overall general health. It’s also useful for improving clarity of mind and emotional stability.

Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are widespread in Sri Lanka and are perfect if you’re looking to attain a state of relaxation while intensifying personal and spiritual growth. With benefits of meditation including improved emotional wellbeing, reduced stress and better sleep, it’s no surprise that meditation retreats and wellness hotels in Sri Lanka are a popular choice.

Ayurveda Wellness Retreats

With Sri Lanka having a large amount of Indian influence, Ayurveda is a very popular practice in the country. Many wellness retreats offer Ayurveda, which is an ancient holistic healing system that works on the belief that health and wellness are dependent on the balance between the mind, body and spirit. Using a combination of diet changes, herbal treatments and yogic breathing techniques, this therapy is highly sought out by many for its overall health and wellness benefits. It’s also commonly offered in conjunction with yoga for maximum benefit

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