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  • 2023 Best Wellness Travel Company or the Year 2023 - LUXlife Hospitality Awards.

  • 2020 Best International Wellness Travel Company - Acquisitions International Business Excellence Awards

  • 2019 Best In Wellness - International Travel & Tourism Awards Finalist

  • 2019 Best Wellness Travel Company Globally - Global Health & Pharma

  • 2019 World Travel Market London - Speaker Wellness Tourism Session


Joanne Vomiero is an Entrepreneur and the Founder & Director of In This Life Wellness Travel™. In This Life Wellness Travel™ is unlike any other travel company specifically in regard to its underlying philosophies. The founder and director of In This Life Wellness Travel, not only has an extensive background in the travel industry, but she is also a Practising Therapist and has also operated her own Wellness clinic in Australia for over 7 years. This unique combination of experience, has allowed her to develop In This Life Wellness Travel™ with a true understanding of the many benefits of Wellness and all the treatments and activities available as well as their potential benefits. With modern life causing so much illness, disease, chronic pain and suffering, it is her belief that Wellness Travel is an important component to our overall wellbeing. It is also her belief that Wellness Travel is not merely a “Travel product” but that it should more so be considered a “Wellness product” and a “Wellness Therapy” in itself. With this philosophy in 2020 Joanne launched In This Life Wellness Travel's - "Wellness Travel Agent Training Program" to up-skill particularly interested and aligned Travel Agents to the specialised area of Wellness Travel. This program has been extremely successful, and the successful participants of the course have become “Wellness Travel Specialists” and Recommended Agents of In This Life Wellness Travel™. These agents will utilise In This Life Wellness Travel’s platform to search, find and book Wellness Travel experiences for their clients with access the product from our Wellness Property Partners. Director & Founder In This Life Wellness Travel - Joanne Vomiero Director & Founder In This Life Wellness Travel - Joanne Vomiero

TRAVEL INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Commencing in 1998, In This Life Wellness Travel’s director has achieved much success in many exciting roles for leading Australian Travel Agency chains. Starting as a Travel Consultant, her passion and enthusiasm led to roles such as Cruise Specialist, Travel Agency Manager, Special Projects Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing and Advertising, including travel editorials for various papers and magazines and has featured on regular radio Travel segments. She has developed and escorted tours and was the Winner of a National Award “Most Innovative Office in Australia”. Joanne is also a qualified Tourism Trainier and assessor and has many years of delivering in classroom training courses in retail travel where she developed a reputation as an exceptional and passionate trainer.

WELLNESS INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Joanne is also a practicing Holistic Therapist and operated a successful Wellness Clinic in Adelaide for over 7 years. Qualified as a Personal Trainer, ENAR Therapist and Reiki. Her hands on experience as a Wellness Therapist brings about a true understanding of Wellness, the body’s ability to heal and an appreciation for the work involved and benefits of Wellness Treatments. She has been fortunate to see with her own eyes and feel with her own hands many clients healing take place. With a dedicated following of clients, it is believed by many that Joanne has a natural gift for healing. It is this experience which drives Joanne to share with others the benefits of wellness and holistic therapies.

WELLNESS TRAVEL INNOVATION - With a comprehensive understanding of both the Travel and Wellness sectors and extensive research, development (R&D) and experience in the Wellness Travel industry, Joanne was able to design, innovate and develop In This Life Wellness Travel. Having identified a gap in the market, Joanne understood the need to provide the Wellness Travel industry with central platform where all segments of the Wellness Travel industry could meet and where true and authentic Wellness Properties be set aside from the mainstream Travel Industry. Setting standard for what is deemed Wellness Travel and defining the different levels of Wellness Travel offerings around the world is something Joanne and the team and In This Life Wellness Travel has thoroughly research. They proudly have defied this with the creation of their Wellness Hotel & Resort Styles which form part of their advances search and booking system.

WELLNESS TRAVEL AGENT TRAINING Joanne has now also released her Wellness Travel Agent Training Program to compliment In This Life Wellness Travel’s search and booking site. See what some of their enrolled agents have to say about this course. Find out more. Joanne is now being recognised and a world leader in the the sector of Wellness Tourism, A finalist for "Best in Wellness" Travel company 2019 at the International Travel and Tourism Awards held by World Travel Market London. She also presented and moderated the session on Wellness Tourism. Sharing the benefits and encouraging the development of the new and exciting genre of Wellness Travel and the acceleration of In This Life Wellness Travel, is now her main focus and true passion.


How often do you hear, I need to loose weight before I go on my trip? Or I need to loose weight because I have just been on holiday? No body wants to return from time away only to feel depressed about having to go on a diet, or lethargic from having lost fitness whilst on holiday; we all want to come home feeling better than when we left - we want to return feeling refreshed, revived and rejuventated!

We travel for different reasons, whether it be for a stress release, an adventurous escape, to meet new and like minded people or just to explore another part of the world. We are also conscious of health and wellness, of what we eat, of maintaining exercise and of living a balanced lifestyle. Many people are now carefully considering where they choose to stay when away and how they choose to holiday. 

What if you could stay somewhere where you could eat nourishing yet scrumptios food, keep fit and flexible with exercise of your choice, repair your body with holistic natural treatments, disconnect from the stresses of our outside world and reconnect to nature, chill out, relax, rejuvenate and meditate all in one place? Well you can...  And ...

A Wellness holiday doesn’t mean that you need to travel with a group of people on a privately led group retreat, with set dates and locked into daily schedules. Wellness Travel also exists for independent travel, meaning you are free to choose and create the experience that is right for you.

In This Life Wellness Travel has categorised the style of the Wellness Hotels/ Resorts, Retreats & Spas into 5 distinct categories: Wellness Retreats where you can completely immerse yourself in Wellness, Eco & Sustainable Wellness Resorts, Luxury Wellness Resorts, Hotels & Resorts featuring Thermal Mineral Springs and Resort’s with “a Touch of Wellness” where you can simply add a bit of Wellness into your vacation. 

Depending on season, geographical location, culture and typical Wellness Treatments of the region, a broad range Wellness Treatments and Activities are offered at each Wellness property, ranging from yoga, meditation and ayurveda, through to anti ageing treatments and medi-clinics, that use advanced non-invasive therapies to help improve many symptoms of medical conditions.

Staying at a Wellness Resort, Retreat, Hotel or Spa doesn’t mean that you are trapped in the resort. Most Wellness properties take advantage of their local environment and offer outdoor activities such as trail walks, hiking, biking, golf, skiing and other winter sport as well as a host of water sports; which when can be complimented with relaxing therapeutic body treatments are certain to result in a good nights sleep. All of these combinations are easily filtered in In This Life Wellness Travel’s site

There are many options for healthy eating including Wellness Resorts that offer vegan & vegetarian meals, fresh juices and they usually try to assist where possible to accommodate other dietary request or requirements. According to In This Life Wellness Travel’s director many Wellness Resorts, Retreats, Hotels and Spas are now growing their own fresh produce onsite. “I was quite surprised through our research at In This Life Wellness Travel, the amount of Wellness properties throughout the world now using fresh produce from their own gardens grown onsite of the property. Many are also growing organic food and or sourcing organic produce from nearby regions".

In This Life Wellness Travel allows you the opportunity to search for and book a Wellness Resort, Retreat, Hotel or Spa that is just right for you. With hundreds of properties to choose from worldwide, they each offer different Wellness Styles, Treatments and Activities and In This Life Wellness Travel set this out clearly for you to find in their comprehensive Wellness Travel site; 

In This Life Wellness Travel, offers ways to bring some authenticity back into our often superficial modern day world, with real life experiences and an opportunity to use holiday and break times, for rest, rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle choices. Our hope is that no matter what you are seeking, after a stay at a Wellness Resort, Hotel, Retreat or Spa of your choice, you will depart feeling rejuvenated, revived and reignited in spirit. Our aim is to inspire and to offer the opportunities for you to restore your physical body, explore your inner self, recuperate in nature, at a pace and in a way that is right for you.

In This Life™ - whatever's good for the soul... do that!™

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Why Use In This Life Wellness Travel?

In This Life Wellness Travel is the first and only Wellness Travel Company in the world to offer a user-friendly bookings system to search, find, book and co-ordinate your own Wellness travel arrangements. We provide independent Wellness Travel options, allowing complete freedom and flexibility to find and book the experience that is right for you. No set dates, no set itineraries, no set schedules or set daily activities - unless of course you want them - in which case you can organise a wellness programme or package that suits your needs! 

In This Life Wellness Travel has researched the best Wellness Hotel, Resorts, Retreats & Spas from around the world and has developed the most comprehensive search & booking engine available, for Wellness Travel Online. Instead of having to look through countless Wellness Hotel websites to find a place suitable for your needs, In This Life Wellness Travel helps you find the best Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats and Spas across the world.

We make it easy for you to choose what is right for you; include as little or as much Wellness into your holiday as you desire, by selecting a Resort/Hotel Style you like with the Wellness Treatments & Activities they offer.

Travel with friends and family or travel on your own for a chance to truly rejuvenate in your own space, with an opportunity to meet new people and develop new relationships. 

Find the Best Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats & Spas

Your choice, your control, in your time….

  • Search for your wellness experience from the world’s largest wellness inventory, carefully selected and vetted Wellness Resorts, Hotels, Retreats & Spas and Properties from around the globe.
  • Find the Wellness Experience that suits your personal needs and desires with our easy to use search engine that allows you to choose the place that is just right for you with the style, treatments and activities you are looking for.
  • Book your arrangements using our in real time booking system, with access to live availability direct to the property of your choice. Co-ordinate your booking in the comfort of your own time and space with the flexibility to access your booking at anytime through your own personal log in.

Our Philosophy - It is our philosophy to offer a high level of professional service with honesty and integrity and to look after our clients to the best of our ability. We expect our business dealing and business partners to replicate these philosophies and reciprocate in the same behaviours and practices.

At "In This Life™" we say "we take business personally", life is personal, as is everything that happens in it each day. 

In This Life™ - it is the way you play the game that counts.

Leading Expert in Wellness Travel: Through many years of research, development and operation In This Life Wellness Travel is a qualified expert and world leader in Wellness Travel. Priding itself on offering high level services with professionalism and integrity, In This Life Wellness Travel is available to anyone wishing to book a Wellness Travel experience, from anywhere around the world to any destination. In This Life Wellness Travel is also the leading Wellness Travel Industry wholesaler and Industry Training company and winner of many global travel awards.

In This Life Wellness Travel will continue to evolve and develop and aims to be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

“Travelling creates a sense of freedom, it’s exciting, its adventurous, it’s social, it’s liberating, educating and shall we just say’s just good for the soul! ” -In This Life Wellness Travel.

Most Comprehensive Wellness Travel Booking Largest Wellness Inventory: In This Life Wellness Travel has carefully selected and vetted over 350 Wellness Resort and Hotels from around the world for their specific Wellness experiences and categorised these for you in an easy to use, fast and flexible booking system. Search for your Wellness Travel experience in different regions of the world and refine your search by selecting the style, treatments and activities that are important to you. 

Safe Booking system: Our booking system has been developed as a safe booking site with extremely high security measures, backed with partners who also operate with optimum online safety and compliance.

Company Name: In This Life Pty Ltd


Trading as: In This Life Wellness Travel

ACN: 600 492 760


Trademark “In This Life™”.
Trademark “Whatever’s good for the soul do that™”

AFTA member 14147. ATAS accreditation A14147.
Wellness Tourism Professional from Wellness Tourism Worldwide.
Research from Global Wellness Institute and Wellness Tourism Worldwide.

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