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Leading the world with new technology, in February this year Elon Musk launched SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy rocket successfully into space. Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, In This Life Pty Ltd also launched, not into space but into the space with of Wellness Travel, to be the first Travel Company in the world to offer a comprehensive search engine and live booking system dedicated to Wellness Travel.

The Wellness Industry itself is reported by the Global Wellness Institute to be “one of the worlds fastest growing markets” and is now “3 times larger than the pharmaceutical industry and growing.” Wellness Tourism Worldwide in their 2014 report; Wellness Travel: Shaping America’s Health and Economy, stated – “Stress is the number one reason for taking a holiday!” 

Wellness Travel is a rapidly growing industry and although it would be expected that with so many travel companies out there providing bookings online, until now, no one has offered online booking facilities specifically for this new genre in Travel. In This Life Wellness Travel’s Founder and Director said “There was no way for people to search, find and book a Wellness Travel holiday online as they can in every other genre of Travel. When I discovered this I thought, I have all the knowledge and experience in both sectors - Travel and Wellness, I need to create and develop this for people myself.”

She continues, “Wellness Travel is becoming not only a fashionable trend in travel but an important one as people need breaks more than ever in our stressful world. Doctors are prescribing holidays to patients and telling them they need a break now. (I know… I was prescribed one once myself!) And if Wellness is what people want to achieve, then why not take a Wellness vacation where you can rest, rejuvenate, immerse in nature, enjoy wonderful body treatments, eat nourishing food, release the stresses of your mind and body with wellness activities and come back from your break feeling refreshed, revived and alive again.”

A Wellness holiday doesn’t mean that you need to travel with a group of people on a privately led group retreat, with set dates and locked in daily schedules. Wellness Travel also exists for independent travel, meaning you are free to choose and create the experience that is right for you. In This Life Wellness Travel’s Founder and Director continues “People need to find out what options they have for their own independent Wellness Travel holiday. They need the choices laid out for them; people need to know where the best Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats and Spas are located around the world and what Wellness treatments and activities they offer. They need the ability to filter their preferences and the ability to book online, in real time and with immediate confirmation.”

In This Life Wellness Travel has now developed and released it’s custom built software and is proud to be the first Travel Company in the world to offer Travellers a fully comprehensive Wellness Travel site with live availability and booking facilities, www.inthislifewellnesstravel.comIn This Life Wellness Travel’s user-friendly live booking system, provides independent Wellness Travel options, allowing complete freedom and flexibility to find and book the experience that is right for you. No set dates, no set itineraries, no set schedules or set daily activities - unless of course you want them - in which case you can organise a jam packed itinerary that suits your needs! 

In This Life Wellness Travel has researched the best Wellness Hotel, Resorts, Retreats & Spas from around the world. Instead of having to look through countless Wellness Hotel websites to find a place suitable for your needs, In This Life Wellness Travel makes it easy for you to choose what is right for you; include as little or as much Wellness into your holiday as you desire, by selecting a Resort/Hotel Style you like with the Wellness Treatments & Activities they offer.

In This Life Wellness Travel has categorised the style of the Wellness Hotels/ Resorts, Retreats & Spas into 5 distinct categories: Wellness Retreats where you can completely immerse yourself in Wellness, Eco & Sustainable Wellness Resorts, Luxury Wellness Resorts, Hotels & Resorts featuring Thermal Mineral Springs and Resort’s with “a Touch of Wellness” where you can simply add a bit of Wellness into your vacation.

Depending on season, geographical location, culture and typical Wellness Treatments of the region, a broad range Wellness Treatments and Activities are offered at each Wellness property, ranging from yoga, meditation and ayurveda, through to anti ageing treatments and medi-clinics, that use advanced non-invasive therapies to help improve many symptoms of medical conditions. Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, golf & skiing can be complimented with relaxing therapeutic body treatments, certain to result in a good nights sleep. All these combinations are easily filtered in In This Life Wellness Travel’s site

In This Life Wellness Travel offers travellers an opportunity to use holiday and break times for rest, rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle choices. In This Life Wellness Travel will continue to evolve and develop and aims to be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

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In This Life Wellness Travel – whatever’s good for the soul… do that!™

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