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Weighing Up A Wellness Holiday?


How often do you hear, I need to loose weight before I go on my trip? Or I need to loose weight because I have just been on holiday? No body wants to return from time away only to feel depressed about having to go on a diet, or lethargic from having lost fitness whilst on holiday; we all want to come home feeling better than when we left - we want to return feeling refreshed, revived and rejuventated!

We travel for different reasons, whether it be for a stress release, an adventurous escape, to meet new and like minded people or just to explore another part of the world. We are also conscious of health and wellness, of what we eat, of maintaining exercise and of living a balanced lifestyle. Many people are now carefully considering where they choose to stay when away and how they choose to holiday. 

What if you could stay somewhere where you could eat nourishing yet scrumptios food, keep fit and flexible with exercise of your choice, repair your body with holistic natural treatments, disconnect from the stresses of our outside world and reconnect to nature, chill out, relax, rejuvenate and meditate all in one place? Well you can...  And ...

A Wellness holiday doesn’t mean that you need to travel with a group of people on a privately led group retreat, with set dates and locked into daily schedules. Wellness Travel also exists for independent travel, meaning you are free to choose and create the experience that is right for you.

In This Life Wellness Travel has categorised the style of the Wellness Hotels/ Resorts, Retreats & Spas into 5 distinct categories: Wellness Retreats where you can completely immerse yourself in Wellness, Eco & Sustainable Wellness Resorts, Luxury Wellness Resorts, Hotels & Resorts featuring Thermal Mineral Springs and Resort’s with “a Touch of Wellness” where you can simply add a bit of Wellness into your vacation. 

Depending on season, geographical location, culture and typical Wellness Treatments of the region, a broad range Wellness Treatments and Activities are offered at each Wellness property, ranging from yoga, meditation and ayurveda, through to anti ageing treatments and medi-clinics, that use advanced non-invasive therapies to help improve many symptoms of medical conditions.

Staying at a Wellness Resort, Retreat, Hotel or Spa doesn’t mean that you are trapped in the resort. Most Wellness properties take advantage of their local environment and offer outdoor activities such as trail walks, hiking, biking, golf, skiing and other winter sport as well as a host of water sports; which when can be complimented with relaxing therapeutic body treatments are certain to result in a good nights sleep. All of these combinations are easily filtered in In This Life Wellness Travel’s site

There are many options for healthy eating including Wellness Resorts that offer vegan & vegetarian meals, fresh juices and they usually try to assist where possible to accommodate other dietary request or requirements. According to In This Life Wellness Travel’s director many Wellness Resorts, Retreats, Hotels and Spas are now growing their own fresh produce onsite. “I was quite surprised through our research at In This Life Wellness Travel, the amount of Wellness properties throughout the world now using fresh produce from their own gardens grown onsite of the property. Many are also growing organic food and or sourcing organic produce from nearby regions".

In This Life Wellness Travel allows you the opportunity to search for and book a Wellness Resort, Retreat, Hotel or Spa that is just right for you. With hundreds of properties to choose from worldwide, they each offer different Wellness Styles, Treatments and Activities and In This Life Wellness Travel set this out clearly for you to find in their comprehensive Wellness Travel site; 

In This Life™ - whatever's good for the soul... do that!™

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