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Gone are "flop and drop" holidays, or the Bali "booze ups," it's all about SUPS and Super foods! In This Life Wellness Travel, invites you to travel to some of the most hip places on the globe, for an adventure of the soul. 


It's a new trend attracting not only the traditional surfer, diver or stand up paddle boarder, but now affluent, well educated, professional woman and men are hitting the waves for an amazing way to shape up, tone their body, improve strength and de-stress. Golf clubs are being traded in for surfboards, as retirees are hitting the waves in exchange for hitting golf balls. 

In This Life Wellness Travel has researched and found some of the best Wellness Hotels and Spas from around the world. Amongst hundreds of Wellness properties for you to choose from, you will find a selection of Wellness Resorts & Retreats that offer Surfing + Wellness.

And where there is surf there is often diving, so it is not unusual to find many Wellness Resorts and Retreats offering surf and/or dive lessons with excursions to find the wave of the day or clearest dive spots. They tend to cater for beginners, intermediates, through to the advanced surfer or diver. These Wellness Resorts offer additional activities like oceanfront yoga, massage or spa treatments and it is the combination of these activities and treatments that will conclude your day in the most blissful way and create a true Wellness experience you’ll never forget or regret.

If you're not into surfing or diving, you may like to try "SUP-ing"! Stand Up Paddle Boarding is 'on trend' and is harder that is seems looking on from the shore. It certainly provides core strengthening whilst trying to keep your balance. It is great fun and something the whole family can enjoy. 

And if this still doesn't float your boat, you may still enjoy these Wellness Resorts for the shear benefit of swimming in the ocean. The physical and psychological benefits from submersing yourself in water are truly amazing, for not only the absorption of the sea minerals but also for the instant grounding effects provided by merely touching the element of water. Have you ever felt so relaxed whilst lying on the sand, that without much effort you have drifted off into the most extraordinary deep sleep? When we touch the earth directly the natural minerals and ions that enter our body through our skin, chemically lowers our body's voltage and reduces it to almost zero. This leaves us feeling anxiety free and completely chill-axed! It's no wonder why some of us are addicted to the beach!  

A Wellness Holiday doesn’t mean that you need to travel with a group of people on a privately led group retreat, with set dates and locked in daily schedules. Wellness Travel also exists for independent travel, meaning you are free to choose and create the experience that is right for you. In This Life Wellness Travel makes it easy for you to choose what is right for you; include as little or as much Wellness into your holiday as you desire, by selecting a Resort/Hotel Style you like with the Wellness Treatments & Activities they offer.

In This Life Wellness Travel conducted some research at a Resort in Australia in 2017 and found a little island paradise called Fitzroy Island located on the great barrier reef, just off of Cairns in Australia. It’s a 4 start property located amongst the palm trees on a private island with a rustic eco lodge design that creates and authentic feel throughout the resort. Surrounded by natural conservation, this little undiscovered paradise is the perfect place for you to create your own Wellness adventure. The resort offers (newly introduced) sunrise and sunset yoga sessions on weekends, a range of watersports, guided walks, personalised reef tours for the best snorkelling spots as well as dive tours and at the end of an active day a massage is a welcomed therapy!

Within footsteps from your accommodation is the coral reef. Fitzroy Island can almost guarantee that everyone who spends time snorkeling just off the shore will have a chance to witness the majestical Sea Turtles in their natural habitat.

In This Life Wellness Travel’s CFO recalls “We saw Sea Turtles within 20 minutes of our first snorkel and continued to discover them every day thereafter. It was absotutely amazing and an experience to never be forgotten. I loved being active and healthy each day swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and hiking. It did not take long for the grounding effects to kick in, we were so relaxed and slept so deeply, after several days we were completely rejuvenated. I did not want to leave this island paradise, it really was magical.”

Fitzroy Island has been categorized by In This Life Wellness Travel as a property with “A Touch of Wellness”. It is perfect for those who want to introduce some Wellness into their holiday. “I experienced one of the most blissful massages I have ever had at Fitzroy Island, with the warm sea breeze gently blowing in the late afternoon and listening the the natural sounds of the nature, I truly felt like I went to another world! I think the combination of being active, snorkeling in the ocean, connecting with the earth and then having the massage treatment resulted in what has be named in the Wellness Travel Indusrty as an ‘Adrenalin Zen Cocktail’ [5], where the release of adrenalin and cortisol result in a state of absolute bliss,” said In This Life Wellness Travel’s Director.

Fitzroy Island is also categorized by In This Life Wellness Travel as an “Eco & Sustainable” resort. Fitzroy Island is home to one of Australia’s most important Turtle Rehabilitation Centre which is a must visit whilst you are on the island. The staff in the Rehabilitation Centre work tirelessly looking after the sick and injured turtles and it is hard not to shed a tear for some of the Turtle patients. Fitzroy Island also adopts Eco and Sustainable practices with regards to waste water and energy conservation to support the Great Barrier Reef's eco systems. To find out more about Fitzroy Island search for 'Fitzroy Island' on In This Life Wellness Travel’s booking site

In This Life Wellness Travel is is proud to be the first Travel Company in the world to offer Travellers a fully comprehensive Wellness Travel site with live availability and bookings online.  In This Life Wellness Travel’s user-friendly live booking system, provides independent Wellness Travel options, allowing complete freedom and flexibility to find and book the experience that is right for you. No set dates, no set itineraries, no set schedules or set daily activities - unless of course you want them - in which case you can organise a jam-packed itinerary that suits your needs! Search for your next Wellness Holiday at

In This Life Wellness Travel – whatever’s good for the soul… do that!™

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