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In This Life Wellness Travel™ is a search and booking platform dedicated to showcasing the best Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats & Spas from around the world. We provide Wellness Properties with a direct distribution avenue to connect to travellers who are seeking Wellness Travel stays & experiences; via our search & booking platform (this site) and our Wellness Travel Specialists™ and their clients.

In This Life Wellness Travel™ has a thorough comprehension of the entire spectrum of Wellness Travel and all its variables. We understand the intention and philosophies behind many of the leading Wellness properties worldwide. With this in mind, we innovated and developed our search and booking system to specifically cater for all the amazing Wellness properties around the world, so that they could showcase all their fabulous wellness offerings and provide a place for potential guests to be able to find them and ultimately enjoy them!

In This Life Wellness Travel's Director and Founder has not only come from a Travel background but was also a Wellness Therapist operating a Wellness clinic herself for many years. It is therefore In This Life Wellness Travel's philosophy to present Wellness Travel with respect and integrity to the Wellness Industry. We carefully vet all the properties that appear on our platform and with whom we partner via our application process. Hotels & Resorts that simply offer Wellness/Spa services are not approved to feature on In This Life Wellness Travel™'s site. Partnerships are only offered and approved to Wellness Properties that are truly focused on Wellness, or that have advanced Wellness areas, services and facilities as part of their core focus. This strict rule provides authentic wellness properties the opportunity to stand out and be distinguished as a true wellness property and be found by potential guests who are specifically seeking wellness focused stays and experiences.

In This Life Wellness Travel™'s comprehensive search & booking platform allows Wellness Properties to thoroughly describe and highlight all their wellness features, treatments, activities, programs, packages and more. We have also created a distinct way to describe the level of Wellness that your property offers, so that your potential guests know what to expect from a stay at your property. Our system allows you to include unlimited information online so that your potential guests can feel confident making a reservation at your property. Our system is easy for you to use, easy for you to make changes and most importantly we have custom developed and innovated this for Wellness properties, so that you can show the world what it is like to take a break at your wellness property!

And we also have some exclusive features to show you! We are sure you will be surprised and impressed!

To find out more about how to become a Partner and list your Wellness Hotel, Resort, Retreat or Spa with In This Life Wellness Travel™, please complete the following form.

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