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List Your Wellness Property

Thank you for your interest in listing your Wellness property with us.

In This Life Wellness Travel, is an exciting new Wellness Travel Company, launched worldwide. We are proud to be the world’s first and only Wellness Travel Company, dedicated to selling Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats & Spas Online, with 'live availability' technology.  With over 350 properties worldwide, we host the largest selection of Wellness properties globally, and is the most comprehensive Wellness Travel site in the market. 

Our unique site offers:

  • Detailed Wellness Travel information about each Wellness Property's wellness features.
  • An advanced search engine, allowing guests to search not only via destination, but also via wellness treatments & activities.
  • Direct on-line reservations via our API feed.
  • Access to competitive & up to date rates.
  • Wellness programs & packages for guest to book via our site.
  • Our unique Wellness Hotel/Resort style categorization, which assists travellers understand the style of properties you offer.


In This Life Wellness Travel, carefully researches and hand picks the best Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats & Spas from around the world. We look for properties that are aligned in Wellness and that meet our strict criteria. Our aim is to provide the traveller with as much information online so that they can feel confident making a reservation at your property.

Benefits of listing your property with In This Life Wellness Travel:

  • Be listed on the only on-line website available for travelers to search, find and book your Wellness Resort, Hotel, Retreat & Spa. 
  • Position your property as a leading Wellness resort/hotel and stand out from your opposition.
  • Be found with our exclusive listing & get bookings.
  • Showcase your wellness features, treatments, activities, healthy eating options & eco/sustainable practices.
  • Add your wellness programs & packages to increase revenue and create an exceptional wellness experience for your guests.
  • Receive In This Life Wellness Travel's hand picked selection logo to display on your site.


Please complete the form below and you will recive via email, our application form.

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