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In The Wake of the Cornoaviris


It is impossible at this time, for health and wellness not to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind around the globe. It has been forced into our consciousness, with our primary focus now the well-being of ourselves, our families and those around us. As a result, when the world reopens, it is likely that one of the first sectors of Travel to recuperate from this epidemic, will be Wellness Travel. 

There will be a number of factors driving this. Consider the following:

  1. Travellers will be looking for travel options that are safe and healthy, as people will be more conscious than ever about their health and wellbeing. Wellness Travel offers safe, healthy and nurturing environments where wellness is the focus.
  2. The Cruise Industry may take quite a while to recuperate from this event. Wellness Travel can be a straight shift for cruise passengers, as it attracts similar demographics and travellers.
  3. Domestic Travel will likely be the first travel sector to reopen and Wellness Travel offers domestic travel options in all regions of the world.

Wellness Travel was already the fastest growing sector of the Tourism Industry globally. It was actually growing more than double the rate of General Tourism at 6.5% vs 3.2% pa. with growth predictions of 7.5% pa 2017 – 2022. [1] After this crisis dissipates, we are likely to see Wellness Tourism evolve even quicker than predicted.

In This Life Wellness Travel’s recently launched an initiative that will offer opportunity for Agents, both currently employed and those who have lost their employment from this event, to up-skill and prepare for what will most likely be one of the first sectors of travel to rise out of this crisis.

We want to help if we can, and whilst we cannot provide agents with immediate cash flow solutions, what we can do is provide them with an opportunity to set themselves up to create income as soon as possible. This is regardless if an agent has managed to keep their position in an agency throughout this crisis or not.

In This Life Wellness Travel is an Australian owned company but a worldwide operator and world leading Wellness Travel company, having already received several International awards.

We are experts in Wellness Travel globally. We have thoroughly researched the Wellness Travel Industry over the past 5 years. We have hand-picked the largest product range in Wellness Travel and developed a booking system to assist those seeking Wellness Travel expereinces search, find and book what is right for them. 

[1] Source: Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2018, Global Wellness Institute.

This is an original article written and published by In This Life Wellness Travel.

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