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Wellness Travel Agent Training

Dear Travel Agents,


My name is Joanne Vomiero and I am the Director and Founder of In This Life Wellness TravelLet me tell you all about our Wellness Travel Training Program to become a Wellness Travel Specialist. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE!

Firstly, I must tell you, I understand your role well because I started my career as a Travel Agent. I know first-hand the glorious, fun, amazingly exciting days; and I also know, (as every travel agent does), the dark days, the horror days, when it is the hardest job in the world, when you could actually cry! Being a Travel Agent is an extremely hard role…not many people understand that... but I do – so I am on your side!   

And, I am here to help you as much as I can. I want to educate you about this amazing, exciting, rapidly growing new genre of Travel… Wellness Travel. I will share information I have collated over the past 5 - 6 years (and to be honest probably the last 15 years of my various expereince) and deliver it to you, so that it is easy to understand and easy for you to recommend to your clients.  

At this particular time with the challenges we all face in our industry, it is important that you as a Travel Agent are an expert in your field. You must be more knowledgeable than your clients, you must be up to date with latest industry information and trends, so that you are respect by your clients and your expertise and service is valued. It is important therefore that you invest in yourself.

Because let’s just say... 

"Gone are the flop & drop holidays,

It's all about sups & superfoods"


- Joanne Vomiero, In This Life Wellness Travel





Why am I experienced to develop this training course and deliver the training to you? 

Good question... Yes, let me tell you about my experience.

I started in the Travel industry in 1998. Back when we used a big… big book, "The Fare Tariff", with very thin pages to look up fares.  We manually constructed fares and manually printed and even hand wrote airline tickets. We got special deals through our fax machine and we had NO internet…woooooohh – Yep way back when! (I’m not that old, just started young!) 

I began in Retail Travel and quickly moved on to Travel Agency Manager, Cruise Specialist, Special Projects Manager, Travel Advertising and Marketing, where I also wrote travel ariticles for newspapers and magazines, spoke on radio and then Travel Business Development Manager. I developed and escorted group tours and won the award for the most innovative office in Australia for a leading Travel Agency. During a working holiday in Canada I was so lucky to land the best job in the world as a hiking guide in the Rocky mountains! I also worked front of house for a hotel in Canada. I worked ground crew for Cathay Pacific (anything from check-in, walkie talkie lady and driving the aerobridge.)

  • I am also a qualified Tourism Trainer and assessor and have years of experience training travel agents in the classroom – (so real life training!). So I am qualified to write Training Programs and have worked for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and for one of Australia’s largest Travel Agency chain as a Trainer & Assessor.
  • I am also a practicing Wellness Therapist and own and operate a Wellness clinic in Australia. Wellness Travel sits very much in the Wellness sector and therefore this unique expereince allows me to explain some of the complexities around the "wellness" part of "wellness travel."
  • I have now spent the last 5 years researching Wellness Travel and developing  In This Life Wellness Travel. What that entailed was literally analysing 100’s and 100’s and 100’s, and to be honest nearly 1000’s of Wellness Properties from around the world. We recorded our findings, recorded data and collated all our information.  From there, we had a comprehensive understanding of the entire spectrum of the Wellness Travel Industry. With my experience of Retail Travel, I was able to combine this with my knowledge and understanding of how the travellers makes a decision on their travel purchase and what knowledge, tools and product Travel Agents need in order to recommend and sell it. From this, I innovated and developed In This Life Wellness Travel and now our Wellness Travel Agent Training Program. 



As a qualified Wellness Practitioner and have practised and operated a private clinic in Australia for over 6 years. I practise Therapeutic Treatments and ENAR Therapy which is a modern Neuro Adaptive therapy used to heal the body – fast especially those with chronic pain.

So not only do I have the extensive Travel industry and Retail Travel experience, I can also help teach you about the Wellness Therapies so that you feel confident in understanding terminology and what is available at many of these Wellness Resorts around the world.

I have a true passion for Wellness Travel and my greatest joy will be to share this with you and deliver our specialised Wellness Travel training course, so that you can become a Wellness Travel Specialist. And it will be … fun & exciting, there is nothing to not enjoy about this subject. 

What am I going to teach you? 

I am going to teach you everything I know thus far. But what took me 5 years to work out. You will get it all clearly summarised in a comprehensive training program. 

The aim of In This Life Wellness Travel's Wellness Travel Agent Training Program, is to provide you with solid foundation training about Wellness Travel. Wellness Travel sits as much in the Wellness Industry as it does the Travel Industry. So in the case it is not just a new product line you are looking at learning - you are in fact stepping into an entire new industry. And there is certain things you would want to know, especially when trying to relate to a new type of client - potential new clients.

Have you ever been in the position where a client has asked for your suggestions about a genre of travel you have no idea about? You grab a brochure and start flipping the pages desperate to find something to point at, although smiling to your client... underneath your little legs are flapping like a duck!

If it has already happened to you with Wellness Travel, you need to seriously consider this course. Because there are not too many brochures out there for you. And it is similar to Cruising, just as you need to understand the different cruise lines to match what is suited to your client, the same applies in Wellness Travel. And because of the aspect of "Wellness" ie "Health", it further complicates this new genre. But do not worry, I have it all summarised for you so that you can understand it.

Until we developed In This Life Wellness Travel, there was actually not an easy way to find, search or book a wellness property. When I say there wasn’t an easy way, I mean there was nothing… it was you and google.  There were a handful of specialised Wellness Travel Agents, doing great work in their areas but there was no industry training, no wholesaler worldwide, nor was there an industry booking platform to search, find and book Wellness Travel. There was also no Wellness Travel industry association and no person, body or company to get information from.

So, I had to research this myself and I can promise you that not many other people, will have the knowledge about what is going on the Wellness Travel space and from a Travel Agents perspective, like I do. I have written this program personally, and I know that it is filled with only the good stuff, there are no modules you are doing for the sake of ticking boxes or meeting criteria. This course is specifically designed to teach you, what you need to know to get started, and to become a Wellness Travel Specialist. It is filled with stories and fun and engaging elements, that will make this process enjoyable and exciting. I like to get people involved in my training so please bring your own experiences to share with others. After all sharing is caring!

And so, if this sounds like it floats your boat, climb aboard…because the Wellness Travel wave is about to hit. Are you set … and ready to catch it?

Register your interest today, by completing the form HERE. 


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