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WTM Press Release

In This Life Wellness Travel™ is proud to be amoungst the shortlisted finalists at this years, World Travel Market, International Travel & Tourism Awards 2019 for "Best In Wellness"

In This Life Wellness Travel is an exciting new Wellness Travel Company and is proud to be the WORLD’S FIRST Travel Company, dedicated to selling Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats & Spas, Online with ‘live availability’ technology which means instant purchase capabilities.

This may seem like a standard expectation of the travel industry, but in the space of Wellness Travel, due to the complexities of Wellness, this had not been done before, by any travel company worldwide.


Through our innovation and research of hundreds of Wellness Properties worldwide; we have created the most comprehensive Wellness Travel site on the market for Wellness Travellers, with the most advanced search engine. With over 350 of the best Wellness properties to choose from worldwide, our site offers detailed Wellness information, the ability to search via destination or Wellness style, activity or treatment and instantly book online.

IN THIS LIFE WELLNESS TRAVEL'S - RESORT & HOTEL STYLES ©  From our research and collation of our data, of thousands of properties from all over the world, we found that we could categorise wellness properties in 5 distinct ways. This led us to the creation of our Wellness Resort & Hotel Styles; which enables us to discribe to travellers what they can expect from any of the Wellness properties listed on our site.  By creating these Wellness Resort & Hotel Styles, it also allows us to offer Wellness Travel to a broad market of travellers, from those wanting to experience full Wellness Immersion / Luxury Wellness / Thermal Mineral Springs /Eco & Sustainable / A Touch of Wellness. See full descriptions here. We also developed our site so the traveller can seach via these styles too, cutting their search time down by focusing on a style of wellness resort that suites their desires. 

Our ability to have been able to define Wellness Travel in such an easy to comprehend way, is something we have been congratulated on by the Global Wellness Institute and many other Industry leaders.  Regardless of where the traveller is in their wellness journey, we have options for them to consider. Our Wellness Resort/Hotel Styles are copywrite to In This Life Wellness Travel™ and form part of our intellectual property.  In addition we also offer a broad range of accommodation star ratings and prices vary from $15 per night to many many thousand per night, and everything in between - once again catering to a borad range of travellers. As a global site, bookings are available in many currencies.

Prior to the development of our bookign site, trying to find and book a Wellness resort was a very long winded process, as no where in the world was there a list of all the wellness properties available worldwide and there certainly was not a list showcasing their wellness offerings. Our aim was to make Wellness Travel as easy to book as any other genre of Travel - and we have done that... and more!!

We hope to inspire people to take breaks from our fast paced, stressful lives to refresh, revive and rejuvenate, by providing opportunities to escape to nurturing environments where Wellness is the focus.



Joanne Vomiero is an Entrepreneur and the Director and Founder of recently launched start-up business, In This Life Wellness Travel. Joanne has spent the past 5 years researching Wellness Travel and innovating and developing a custom-built booking platform specifically for Wellness Travel – the first online Wellness Travel site with “live availability” technology.

Commencing in the Travel Industry in 1998, she has had over 20 years extensive experience, in various roles, within the Travel industry. Joanne also owns and operates a Wellness clinic in Australia. Her "hands on" experience brings about a true understanding of Wellness and an appreciation for the work involved and the benefits of Wellness Treatments. Her experience, knowledge and understanding of the complexities of both the Wellness and Travel sectors is what has enabled her to create In This Life Wellness Travel with respect and integrity to both sectors.

She is now being recognised as a world leader in the the sector of Wellness Tourism, is set to take centre stage as a finalist for Best Wellness Travel company 2019 at the International Travel and Tourism Awards held by World Travel Market London. She will also be moderating (stepping in for Anne Dimon, President of WTA) the Wellness Session at World Travel Market, Launching and Optimising Your Brand in the Wellness Space, on Wednesday 5th November from 3pm - 4pm in the Asia Inspiration Zone. Launching and optimising your brand in the wellness space. Sharing the benefits and encouraging the development of the new and exciting genre of Wellness Travel and the acceleration of In This Life Wellness Travel, is now her main focus and true passion.



At this year's World Travel Market, In This Life Wellness Travel has three exciting new releases for the travel industry.

1) WELLNESS PROPERTY LISTINGS APPLICATIONS - Now Open. In This Life Wellness Travel already has the largest selection of Wellness Properties from all over the world, with over 350 properties already listed live on our booking site. In This Life Wellness Travel persoanlly hand picks the best Wellness properties from around the world and at this years WTM, appliations for Wellness Properites to apply for selection are available via our online application. Wellness Properties can apply to List Your Wellness Property.

2) WELLNESS PROGRAMS & PACKAGES - Now available as an addititon to booking accommodation at a Wellness Resort, Hotel, Retreat or Spa. Eg: 7 day detox, 5 day Yoga & Ayurvedic Program, 3 day revive package. The addition of these programs provides travellers with an enhanced wellness experiences, whilst also providing Wellness properties with additional revenue and increased booking opporunities. Wellness Properties can apply to add Wellness Programs & Packages by applying here.

3) WELLNESS TRAVEL AGENT TRAINING PROGRAM - Registrations now open. The Wellness Travel Industry is rapidly developing and is already a $639 (US) Billion Dollar industry. Yet there is very little training availble for the industry and in particular for travel agents, thus making it difficult to reccommend to clients and sell. In This Life Wellness Travel has now released it's Wellness Travle Agent Training Program. The Director and Fouder of In This Life Wellness Travel has a very unique and extensive experience in not only Travel and Wellness but is also a qualified Travel & Tourism Trainer and assessor, providing her with all the neccessary expertise to design and deliver a high quality training program. She has extensive one on one and classroom training expreience as a Travel Agent Trainer and in addition has spent the past 5 years researcing and developing her Wellness Travel business. This unique combination positions her well to deliver this exciting course, that will train travel agents about the exciting new genre of Wellness Travel. For more information see Wellness Travel Agent Training Program.


Last month In This Life Wellness Travel also recieved the award for Best Wellness Travel Company Globally 2019, by Global Health & Pharma in their Health & Fitness Awards. This is to be announced publically in an official press release in November 2019.

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