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Wellness Resort & Hotel Styles

Wellness Immersion

A true Wellness Resort / Hotel, with their primary focus being on Wellness, enabling you to completely immerse yourself in holistic treatments, wellness activities and practises. Many will offer consultations to personalise your Wellness experience, with healthy meals throughout your stay, sourced from quality ingredients and some with their own organic garden onsite.

A Touch Of Wellness

A Resort / Hotel that features a Wellness treatments and activities. Many properties offer a dedicated Wellness area. It is a great way to include some wellness practices into your stay without making the entire holiday about Wellness. A wonderful opportunity for those travelling with others who a less Wellness orientated, to introduce and sample some Wellness experiences, which they are sure to be thankful for.

Luxury Wellness

A Resort / Hotel with a high focus on Wellness in an upmarket styled Resort / Hotel. Offering Wellness treatments and activities in luxury settings, with exceptional service and high quality food.

Eco & Sustainable

A Resort / Hotel that is Eco certified, oriented and or practices sustainable activities. This ranges from the way in which the property is constructed, energy efficiencies, their waste management practices and some offer organic farming. Many properties of this nature participate in activities, which give back and support to local communities.

Thermal Mineral Springs / Baths

A Resort / Hotel that features Mineral waters, in Thermal Springs or Baths such as Turkish or Roman. Soaking in a thermal mineral waters is one of the most enjoyable ways to initiate deep healing. The heat and subsequent sweating have a detoxifying cleansing effect on our skin and entire body-mind system, relieving pain and encouraging healing.

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