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Wellness Travel Agent Training Program

In This Life Wellness Travel is preparing Travel Agents for the Next Wave in travel and leading the way to Wellness with our Wellness Travel Agent Training Program.

There are a few spaces left for our July course, commencing Wednesday 22nd July. It is a 6 week program. For detail about this course complete the form below.

Wellness Travel is an exciting and rapidly developing new Industry. In fact it has been estimated $639 US billion dollar industry globally and growing more than twice as fast as general tourism at 6.5% vs 3.2%. The growth rates for the next few years were predicted to be 7.5% and 13% in the Asia Pacific Region. With the effects of Covid-19 it is likely that Wellness Travel will experience growth rates even more than previously predicted, as health and wellness is at the forefront of everyones mind more than anytime in past history. We expect that travellers will be looking for safe and healthy travel options that support wellness. Many travellers will be conscious of how they spend their breaks and many will use this time to refresh, revive and rejuvenate and look for options that support their wellness practises at home.
Gone are the flop and drop holidays, it all about sups and superfoods!
In Australia unfortunately, there has been little opportunity for Travel Agents and Travel Consultants to enter into the Wellness Travel space; due to lack of training, knowledge, access to product and confidence to recommends and sell Wellness Travel experiences. It is important to understand that Wellness Travel, although is part of the Travel Industry it is also very much a part of the Wellness Industry. In fact, thus far, all the leading research conducted on Wellness Travel has been conducted by the Global Wellness Institute and this is due to the fact that it very much sits in the wellness sector.
In This Life Wellness Travel has many years of our own research behind us in the development of our booking site  
In This Life Wellness Travel is now leading Agents to Wellness in our Wellness Travel Agent Training Program, giving Travel Agents and Consultants the opportunity to learn everything they need to know to get started in Wellness Travel. We have designed an amazing and comprehensive training program that will inspire and educate participants, on the wonderful world of Wellness Travel, so that they can feel confident recommending, booking and creating Wellness Travel experiences.
This course has been designed and developed by the founder, Joanne Vomiero, who has extensive experience int the Travel Industry and is also an experienced and qualified Travel Agent Trainer and Assessor. But what makes this program unique is that Joanne is also a practicing Wellness Therapist and for the last 6 years has been operating a clinic in Adelaide. It is the unique combination of understanding both the Wellness Industry, including the human body and the benefits of treatments and a holistic approach to wellness that has allowed her to develop In This Life Wellness Travel and their Wellness Travel Agents Training Program with respect and integrity from both industries.
Enrolments are now open for our July course which commences on Wednesday 22nd July and runs for 6 weeks. The course will provide comprehensive foundation training in Wellness Travel and Agent who are successful in completing this course will become recommended agents of In This Life Wellness Travel and be listed on our booking site providing them in the future with potential leads. 
For Agents who may have lost work at this time, or those who are still employed but are concerned about what comes next - this course may provide an avenue to pursue an alternate career in Travel.


* For Agents who have recently lost employment, just add the Travel Company details of where you were working most recently. Add at note (Until date - your last day of employement) in the Travel Company Name* field below. In the Contact name please put your name and an email address we can reach you on.


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